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What does the Chamber of Commerce do?

For over 84 years, the Columbus Chamber’s role has been to drive economic growth and community advancement throughout Columbus County. We accomplish this by protecting and improving the business environment, advocating for sound business policies, advancing community excellence, and delivering value to our members.

What kinds of organizations join the Chamber?

All kinds. Businesses of every size and industry are members of the Chamber.

If my company is a member, does that mean that I am a member too?

Yes! When a company becomes a Chamber member, all individuals employed at the company’s address are considered Chamber members and receive privileges of membership.

Can I renew my membership online?

Yes, it is easy to renew online by visiting the “Member Login” link at the top of this page. Once logged in, you’ll not only be able to pay open invoices, but take advantage of member-only benefits like viewing and adding Member 2 Member discounts, submitting events to the community calendar, viewing upcoming Chamber events, updating your information, and more. If you need your log-in information, please contact Cathy Boswell at the Chamber, 910-642-3171.

What differentiates the Chamber from other business organizations?

Our advocacy work is the cornerstone of what we do. Most of our members are so busy operating their companies and organzations that they rely on us to be their voice on issues that impact them. Whether we are providing input into a long-range stormwater midigation plan or opposing changes to the state unemployment insurance, we’re always working to create the best possible, diverse business environment so that our members will thrive.

Are the majority of your members small businesses?

Yes. Small businesses are the backbone of the Chamber, our community, and the U. S. economy. Through Chamber membership, our small business leaders have the opportunity to network, meet with their elected officials, and learn from their peers.